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Congratulations on your precious new babe!

Tiny toes, button nose, how fast they grow! It’s important to remember that they are only this little for such a short time, don’t let it pass by without preserving their adorable little fingers and toes and their sweet, little button noses with professional images that will last a lifetime.

Call us today for a consultation, we’re ready to get started!

st louis newborn baby photography

Newborn Photography St Louis

Have you been surfing the internet looking for a baby photographer near me or newborn photographer near me? Well, you have ARRIVED! What an exciting journey you are about to embark on! Newborn Photography St Louis is here to serve all your maternity, newborn and family photography needs.

We specialize in newborn baby pictures and maternity photos and we love working with families and helping you create beautiful memories to decorate your homes and fill your hearts with love. Contact us today and let us put you in touch with a Newborn Photographer St Louis and get you started making beautiful memories.

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About Newborn Photography St Louis MO

At Newborn Photography St Louis, we are all about creating, incredible, real life moments that become treasured family heirlooms. Our mission is to deliver, to our clients, beautiful, breathtaking images of their family and freezing time for an instant or two so these moments aren’t just distant memories, but cherished keepsakes you can hold onto through the years.

Our Baby Photographer St Louis knows that time is fleeting, and although these life changing events can be overwhelming and stressful, you won’t want to forget the miraculous and amazing feelings you experience as well. Here at St Louis Newborn Photographer, we want to help you preserve the wonderment that always accompanies bringing a precious new life to the world.

Let us guide you through the ins and outs, the dos and don’ts of this amazing time. Newborn photos, maternity images and family portraits is what we concentrate on and why we are so good at what we do.

Our experience working in St Louis and the surrounding areas, has made us one of the best Newborn Photographer St Louis. Our beautiful studio is the perfect place for a newborn photo session, or possibly, you had a newborn photography in-home session in mind. Our St Louis Maternity Photographers know some great outdoor venues, as well as having the use of our fully furnished, professional studio.

Our beautiful studio is the perfect place for a newborn photo session, or possibly, you had a newborn photography in-home session in mind. Contact us today and we can help you with newborn photography prices, session fees, or whatever questions you may have.

Why Choose Us?

Our expertise and training at Baby Photography St Louis, allows us to handle precious newborn babies with complete competency and tender, loving care. Your infants safety and comfort is of utmost concern with St Louis Baby Photographers. We want you to be able to relax and enjoy the session knowing that your wee one is in capable, experienced hands.

Lighting and angles and knowing what works is the difference between beautiful maternity photography St Louis and something that’s less than. We want you to feel confident and beautiful and completely yourself with St Louis Maternity Photographers. Knowing this is our specialty can put your mind at ease.

Serving this area for years, we feel privileged to work with young families and expectant parents in documenting and preserving these incredible, life-changing events.

From the beautiful, exquisite curves of expectant mothers, to the tiny toes and button noses we capture in baby photography newborns, to the loving family connections felt so immediately and so strongly, our goal is to document each beautiful stage.

Some important things we strive for include:

  • Communication. Getting to know you and what your vision is so we can create images and finished products that will speak to you and reflect who you are.
  • Time. We want each session to be unhurried and relaxed. We are careful to schedule plenty of time to work with fussy babies, wardrobe changes and nervous jitters that need to be soothed.
  • Quality and affordability. To be your affordable newborn photography St Louis as well as delivering quality newborn baby pictures is important to us. We offer up front pricing details, so that you can budget accordingly.

Call for a consultation appointment today and let’s talk! We’re excited to join you on this amazing journey.

st louis baby photographer
st louis newborn photographer

What To Expect?

At Newborn Photography St Louis you can expect professional, friendly service and high quality, beautifully enduring photos.

From maternity to newborn to your ever changing and expanding families, we are here for all your family photography needs.

Our clients know, at Newborn Pictures St Louis, we are detail-oriented and specialize in these particular photo genres, because that is what we feel passionate about.

From our fully equipped, professional studio, to several beautiful, pre-scouted, outdoor settings, to a cozy session in the comfort of your own home, we are prepared to serve your needs.

Starting with a consultation (either in person, or over the phone), we go over everything, start to finish, and answer all your questions and concerns. At the consultation, we discuss all of the following:

  • Session type, maternity, newborn, family...or more than one?
  • What to wear, what we offer in-studio, plus guidance on color, layering, what NOT to wear
  • Location and duration of each session.
  • Viewing and ordering after your session, complete with everything we offer and the prices and fees associated.

We want you to feel completely at ease during your session and we know that answering and planning all of the above will go a long way toward achieving that goal. Contact us today and let’s talk about everything and figure out what works for you.


Working with expectant parents and their families is what Newborn Photography St Louis is passionate about. Capturing those tender, intimate moments between families is what we specialize in. Bringing those moments to you in beautiful maternal images, adorable newborn photos and exquisite family portraits and seeing your delighted expression is the icing on the cake.

st louis maternity photography

Maternity Photography

Growing a new life inside your body is a truly miraculous event. The feelings and emotions that come with this new, little life are memories that you’ll want to keep forever. Maternity photography St Louis is specialized in preserving this sacred time in your life with amazing photos that will look stunning and help you connect even more deeply to the child you are carrying.

st louis family photography

Family Photography

We have a fully equipped studio, warm, ready and waiting with our St Louis Newborn Photographer for your newborn photo session. Complete with props, blankets, hats and bows, we are ready to capture sweet, sleeping baby poses, as well as beautiful and tender family moments with your precious infant.

About St Louis Missouri

Known as the Gateway City, St. Louis is a midwestern city full of charm and history. A 192-meter steel structure, known as the Gateway Arch, towers over the banks of the Mississippi River.

Attractions like the Citygarden provide an oasis of ornate landscaping contrasting with the downtown high-rise buildings. A spectacular urban setting combining old-style architecture with modern art venues like the City Museum brings history, nature and imagination to life.

With more free attractions than any other place besides Washington, DC, St. Louis is an affordable cultural hub with many things to see and do.

Known for numerous foods and highly-recommended restaurants, the city boasts staples such as toasted ravioli that can be found in many Italian restaurants throughout the city.

St. Louis is also home to the yummiest barbecue in the United States. Bogart’s Smokehouse and Sugarfire are just a couple that are sure to satisfy your appetite.

St. Louis is the place where you can find more to do for so much less money than other cities. These are a few you should check out:

  • Saint Louis Art Museum
  • Missouri History Museum
  • St. Louis Zoo
  • St. Louis Science Center
  • Grant’s Farm
  • Citygarden

Surrounding areas include:

  • Chesterfield
  • Wildwood
  • Ballwin
  • Kirkwood
  • Creve Coeur
  • Clayton
  • Olivette
  • Glendale
  • And Surrounding Areas...
st louis city


Q. How soon should we book an appointment for newborn baby pictures?

We are generally scheduled out a few months or more, so we recommend reserving a spot with us early (in your first trimester) to make sure that we have an open spot. We do sometimes have cancellations though, so you can give us a call and see if we have an opening, even if it’s later.

Q. What are your fees for St Louis baby photography prices?

We totally understand the importance of budgeting these days. Therefore, we have up front pricing on everything. Session prices vary, depending on what you are looking for, so contact us today and we will go over our newborn photography prices, the kinds of payments we accept, and everything we offer!

Q. When should I have maternity photos taken?

Maternity photos are typically taken between 30-36 weeks, when you have a nice baby bump, but hopefully aren’t too uncomfortable yet. We recommend scheduling early in your first trimester as those weeks can slip by rapidly as you prepare for having a new one.

Q. When are newborn baby pictures generally taken?

The “sweet spot” for newborn photos is approximately 5-14 days. Sleepy, curly babies are easier to pose and work with. However, if you miss that window, you should still have photos done, so give us a call and let’s see what we can offer!

We were excited to hear how reasonably priced your session fees were. We were even more excited when we got the photos back and saw the quality of what we were paying for. Thank you for delivering such exceptional quality at reasonable prices.

-Loren P.

Wow! Talk about going above and beyond! There was nothing they didn’t think of. A completely stress-free experience. Baby crying, no problem, let’s just soothe and snuggle for a bit. Baby pooped all over the blanket, no problem, let's clean that up and throw it in the wash and get another one that worked even better. Nothing was a problem, everything was great. I can’t wait to see our pictures!

-Ariel D.

Nothing to worry about, even though that’s what I do, I’m a worrier. They took all the guess-work out of every question. I learned a great lesson about less is more and relaxing and letting the professionals handle it. We cherish our portraits, more than we can say. THANK YOU a thousand times more.

-Delia R.

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Set up a consultation today with Newborn Photography St Louis! We’re excited for the opportunity of celebrating these amazing life events with you and your family. Having a baby is the richest kind of blessing and our hope is that you’ll let us be a part of yours.

You’ve probably been scrolling through your phone or laptop, searching newborn photography near me or baby photography near me, and it’s no accident you’ve come to us! Capturing and preserving these wonderful events as you stand on the threshold of parenthood and turning them into priceless heirlooms is our business.

We feel privileged and honored to work with amazing young families as they grow and develop through the years and we hope that we can add your family to the list of satisfied clients. Contact us today by filling out our form here on the website or giving us a call. We are excited to hear from you!

Newborn Photography St Louis

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